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Start Times/Check-In

Start Times

We work with law enforcement and government agencies to ensure the safety and enjoyment of our participants as we endeavor to keep any inconvenience to motorists, other trail users and the residents of our host communities to a minimum. Our start times are chosen accordingly.

Century (100-mile)

6:30 AM* 

Metric Century (61-mile) 

6:30 AM* 

Metric Half-Century (38-mile)  

7:30 AM* Please note that start is an hour earlier this year. 

30k Trail Run

8:45 AM**

Half Marathon Trail Run

9:00 AM**

11k Trail Run

9:15 AM** 

4k Trail Run

9:30 AM**

Pup Walk & Whale Talk

10:00 AM

*  Please note that the cutoff time for all cycling courses will be 5:00 PM. Past this time, SAG vehicles will begin picking up course markers and aid stations will shut down.
** Please note that the cutoff time for all trail run courses will be 2:00 PM. Past this time, course markings will start being removed and aid stations shut down.

Before you Check In...

To save yourself some time at check-in, read the What Else You Should Know Before You Sign Up...  section. If you're participating with a minor make sure to download, print out and complete any forms you might need in advance. 

Regular (Morning of Event) Check-In

rider Check inFor all events, we ask that you plan to arrive at least 30 minutes before your designated start time. This ensures that you have enough time to check in, grab some snacks, and coordinate with your companions, so that you’re relaxed and ready to start on time.

All Road Rides and the Pup Walk & Whale Talk will start and finish at the Pacifica Community Center located at 540 Crespi Drive, Pacifica, CA 94044, just off of Highway 1. Cyclists can follow us on Twitter or Facebook for regular event updates. We've also set up dedicated Facebook and Twitter "Devils Slide Walk" pages for our Pup Walk & Whale Talk participants.

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For trail runs, FREE parking will be available at the St. Peter Parish, 700 Oddstad Blvd, right next to the San Pedro Valley County Park gate. From there, you'll be directed by event volunteers to the check-in area, near the park entrance. 

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Please note that post-ride activities and lunch for the trail runs will also be served at the Pacifica Community Center located at 540 Crespi Drive, Pacifica, CA 94044. There is free parking available in the area, and you can find more details and maps on our Parking page. You can also "Follow" the Devil's Slide Run on our dedicated Twitter and Facebook pages to receive regular trail run updates.